13 June 2007 @ 6pm


WSJ blurb

The Wall Street Journal featured an article on free budget programs on the web, and included PearBudget in the writeup. Here’s the relevant bit about PearBudget:

Budgets are like diets: easy to start and even easier to quit. But a growing number of free programs available on the Web are giving people the chance to play around with multiple budgeting tools and find something that works. …

With PearBudget, users can create a budget in about 10 minutes and can maintain it in less than 30 minutes a month. The spreadsheet file you download from isn’t pretty, but it is easy. PearBudget doesn’t care if you bought gasoline at Chevron or Shell, ate three meals a day or two; it only wants to know how much you spent. Users can see how they’re doing versus spending targets over time and also monthly.

Creator Charlie Park originally built the program for personal use, when he’d just graduated and had a wife in college. “I couldn’t afford to buy a program,” he says, “especially if it wasn’t something I knew I’d be able to stick with.”

Jaclyne Badal, the journalist who wrote the piece, was terrifically nice. Thank you, Jacki! (Hopefully you’ll find the new version prettier than the spreadsheet! I mean, it is a spreadsheet, so I know where you’re coming from.)

I wish I had more news for you all about where the new PearBudget is right now, but that’ll have to wait a bit longer. (If any of you are wondering, the twins, Kate and Frances, are both doing well. Thanks.) There’s also some other news that I’ve got for you, currently embargoed, but that I’ll break in a few weeks. Thanks for your patience.


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