30 October 2007 @ 4am


The coffee’s too strong; the website’s too weak

Okay. I get up early. I know that. What I want to know, with little work, is what coffeehouses are open early, too. I find that I just work better when I get out of the house and get over to a third place.

So I hop over to to see what the hours of their nearest location is. I find the store, but the store locator says “Please call this store directly for store hours.” Are you kidding me?

Surely Starbucks has their store hours filed in a central database. Making each customer who wants to know when their stores are open call, after they’ve already taken the trouble to visit the Starbucks website is inane. And it makes me that much more likely to go, instead, to Cosi (whose website does list their hours). Except that they don’t open for another three hours. Shoot.

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