28 June 2007 @ 6pm


Subtle. Refined. Boring.

Just kidding about the “boring.” I think.

I’ve been working on the main page of for the last week or two, and I had been playing with a new, blue palette. I guess I was inspired in part by the good folks at nclud, but it was a departure from my standard palette of white, black, gray, and red.

I kept tweaking it, kept playing with it, but it just wasn’t working for me. So I tried dropping the color out, applying my classic color scheme. What a breath of sweet, fresh, familiar air. In time, I’m sure I’ll expand into bold new arenas of color — maybe like the black-and-hot-pink placeholder at Wallet Garden. But for now, I’m holing up in my old, familiar camp.

(Ironically, in playing with the front page, I’ve managed to bork the blogging engine, so you won’t actually even be able to read this post until I’ve spent some time and fixed it. But in the meantime, this post will just sit in the background, patiently waiting to be rendered in beautiful #333 on #fff, with a little #800 thrown in at the links.)

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