17 June 2007 @ 2pm



I re-did’s page, since I hadn’t touched the main code base in about two years or so. When I looked at it the other day, I was surprised at how antiquated my CSS techniques had been. I mean, they were appropriate for the time, but a lot’s happened since then — both in CSS development in general, and in my own skills.

So, over the last few nights, I’ve been overhauling the backend of

I plan to write some more up about this, including some explanations of how I cut the code back and where the efficiencies are, but you can compare the before and after yourselves.

A quick thanks to Douglas Bowman and his Sliding Doors technique, which I turned on its ear (as it were) for the rounded boxes, and to Jiri Kupiainen for his simple correction to fix the bug that Google’s UrchinTracker kept throwing. And, of course, huge thanks to Firebug for the help in mimicking the existing page’s style.

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