13 September 2007 @ 4pm


Pitstop Soundtracks, and the Call of the Open Road

So this is a very twitterish post. Forgive me.

I’ve been in two gas stations today. Both had great music. One had some Relient K song that I haven’t heard in a while, but that’s apparently becoming a radio song(?). The other had “Pulling Mussels From a Shell,” by Squeeze, followed by The Cure’s “Let’s Go to Bed.” It’s really nice to take a break from driving and have great upbeat music playing.

Thank you, Mr. Fuel and Wawa!

In related news, driving through Waldorf, MD, is terrible. You’re on an eight-lane highway (four each direction), with a speed limit of 55 MPH, but with stoplights every mile. And at every stoplight, you have to stop (it just works out that way). Lame, Maryland. Another perk to living in the countryside: no trafffic.

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