13 September 2007 @ 12pm

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Getting Sauced

Seth Godin’s post Punishing the Outliers recommends that McDonald’s charge customers for extra sauce packs in the store, as a means of reducing customer exploitation of free ancillaries, and to give front-line employees some leeway in their interaction with customers. (The scenario: customer takes 20 sauce packets, then uses them at home on his eggs or whatever. There’s more to the post, but that’s all I’m commenting on here.)

An alternate take would be to follow Taco Bell’s lead, and to create truly revenue-generating product lines that spread your brand into new territories. Taco Bell’s Hot Sauce, available at Amazon already has two reviews. From one of them: “I bought several and gave them as gifts.” Compare that with the painfully awkward idea of giving (or receiving) a handful of McDonald’s sauce packs as a gift.

This way, giving away extra sauce packs in-store acts almost as a promotional piece for the branded bottles of sauce available elsewhere. That’s even more true if the packets mentioned the bottles available for sale in grocery stores and online.

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