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Popular Science

When I was little, I subscribed to a number of different magazines. National Geographic for Kids, World, Popular Mechanics, Boys’ Life (although that came by default, being a Scout), and my favorite, Popular Science. Getting PopSci in the mail was a highlight of the month. Everything about the magazine — from the reviews of tools […]

New Year’s Stats

So, a quick rundown of some stats, before I head out the door to meet a friend for New Year’s: The PearBudget spreadsheet was downloaded from this site 35,135 times in 2006. I also know many of you forwarded it on via e-mail. I know a lot of people (that is, most people) downloaded it, […]

2007 Spreadsheet Up

So those of you looking for the 2007 version of the PearBudget spreadsheet can rest easy. It’s at the normal download place at, or you can just get it here on the blog.
Those of you eager to try something new can download this excel sheet, which is a tweaked version of PearBudget. An Aussie […]

How to get your Web 2.0 application onto an iPhone

Notice something funny about the iPhone above? Look in the bottom-right of the block of programs. Yes, my friends. I’m proud to announce that PearBudget is going to be on the new iPhone.
Or not.
Apple is, apparently, going to be tightly controlling the programs that can be added onto the iPhone. I can understand that. But […]

Debt Free Girl

Debt Free Girl is a blog from a woman working to get out of more than $15,000 in credit card debt, using PearBudget as one of her main tools. She just started her blog, so she has a ways to go to pay that down.
In this post, she assesses her January spending and — like […]

Work Music

A quick note. Just wanted to mention two bands that I’m loving right now. If you’re into The Postal Service (or other IDM / indietronica / armchair techno / glitch artists), you’d do well to check them out. Emancipator. The Philippians.

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Tax time is coming. Although this doesn’t have much to do with PearBudget, per se, everyone has to deal with personal taxes, and I thought I’d throw up a quick note that might help you out.
First off, I have nothing but good things to say about H&R Block’s TaxCut software. They’ve done a terrific job […]

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