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Stories, and a New Designer

Joey Roth is a young designer in New York, who transitioned into industrial design from creative writing. Gives him a neat perspective.
Here’s a quote from his blog that I really liked: “Narrative is like a codec for storing and playing back memories, and people seek opportunities to build small stories in their lives. People judge […]

Tools to come back to

Just wanted to post links to two tools that I’m sure I’ll be revisiting down the road.
The first is the hCard Creator, from microformats. I’m still a little unsure about the general utility of microformats, but I’m all in favor of standards. On top of that, I think the microformats has a little bit of […]

3 July 2007 @ 7pm



I’ve been really impressed with Joshua Porter, the Director of Web Development at User Interface Engineering. (A quick nit to pick: the UIE website uses the design form of the “tag cloud” / clump of words in the top right of the page. Just the other day, I was thinking about that form and how […]

28 June 2007 @ 6pm


Subtle. Refined. Boring.

Just kidding about the “boring.” I think.
I’ve been working on the main page of for the last week or two, and I had been playing with a new, blue palette. I guess I was inspired in part by the good folks at nclud, but it was a departure from my standard palette of […]