Posts from December 2007

Let’s Talk About x, Baby

This is a copy of an article, originally at Sorry about the inconvenience of the redirect.
Get ready for some type-nerd-ery.
People in my shoes have a bit of a problem, and it all comes down to x. Actually, it comes down to the x-height — the height of a given typeface, from the baseline to […]

Thanks for visiting, Posh CSS readers!

Unfortunately, Tumblr (which hosts my blog) sometimes chokes, and sends people here, to an old archive of my blog. I’m going to get an archive of the Posh CSS article up here as soon as I can. Here it is:
Thanks for your patience.

A Simpler Time

For anyone getting this by RSS, and just for the record, I’m moving my existing blog to an archive (, and will be setting up to host my shiny new toy, a Tumblr blog.
I don’t really know how the RSS feeds will be affected. If you’d like to continue to subscribe, please visit […]