Posts from September 2007

Kids’ Radio, and the Ideal Lineup

I’m actually in Montana right now. Missoula. It’s a pleasant town, although I haven’t gotten out much (I’m on baby duty, for the most part).
As we flew out here (the trip was a lot smoother than I feared it would be), I listened to United’s on-board recording of XM Radio’s kids’ programming. I realized something […]

I’m Calling It Now.

Let me preface this by saying that I don’t know what I’m talking about. Cool? Cool.
My call on Apple’s next big launch? An iPhone/iMac cross-breed tablet computer. A full-size touchscreen keyboard. Accelerometers, EDGE/EVDO units built in, GPS system. Partnerships with Adobe and Wacom, yielding pressure-sensitive write-on capabilities. Roughly 8.5″ × 11″. $2,500.
Come on, Steve. Make […]

Pitstop Soundtracks, and the Call of the Open Road

So this is a very twitterish post. Forgive me.
I’ve been in two gas stations today. Both had great music. One had some Relient K song that I haven’t heard in a while, but that’s apparently becoming a radio song(?). The other had “Pulling Mussels From a Shell,” by Squeeze, followed by The Cure’s “Let’s Go […]

Getting Sauced

Seth Godin’s post Punishing the Outliers recommends that McDonald’s charge customers for extra sauce packs in the store, as a means of reducing customer exploitation of free ancillaries, and to give front-line employees some leeway in their interaction with customers. (The scenario: customer takes 20 sauce packets, then uses them at home on his eggs […]

Breaking Users Out of Mental Models; Breaking Out of Your Own

From Dick Costolo’s very good Ask the Wizard:
We all have mental models that we’ve built up over the years and we use these models to judge new ideas and services that we see, and this is the reason people came up with terms like “horseless carriage” when cars were invented. … we try to make […]

Stories Over Bullets

The good Edward Tufte led us to an article in the Harvard Business Review (05/98), regarding storytelling as a tool in business strategy development.
A good strategic plan must be written in a narrative form that tells an exciting, detailed, nuanced story. Virtually all business plans are written as a list of bullet points. Despite the […]