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in limbo

Sorry, sorry sorry. The blog is in-between versions right now, and none of the links / search form / etc. work right now. And, as I’m at work, I can’t update it right now. So it’s going to have to be broken for just a little bit longer.
In the meantime, find me on twitter.

An Easy Way to Deal With Smallcaps

This might not be a problem you deal with. But it comes up for me every once in a while, and I thought I’d share how I deal with it. Sadly, IE doesn’t handle this 100% correctly (shocker), but if they keep up browser development, hopefully they’ll get this soon. Anyway, it degrades nicely for […]

1 August 2007 @ 7am



This is good:
Every thing you own takes energy away from you.
I was a big fan of Paul Graham before this article. Now, even more so.